In tantric teaching, the woman is the embodiment of love and devotion. The ability to love without limits that resides in her heart is also expressed in her body. When a woman can feel this love in her body, she reaches a state of overwhelming joy, strength, beauty, purity & creativity.


What is ecstasy? What are multiple orgasms? How do women get them?

Can woman learn them? What is actually going on in my body during

hours of orgasmic waves?


This retreat invites you to dare a research trip to your ecstatic potential. In a safe setting, in the circle of like-minded women, we carefully explore your personal path to the source of ecstatic pleasure with the help of various breathing and meditation techniques, relaxation and body exercises, sensory journeys, massages and valuable theoretical information.



Learn to open your heart wide, to relax deeply and to evoke and guide the flow of living, creative, tingling power in you. Discover the difference between the deeply satisfying and exhilarating power of love and devotion and the raw sex drive. Sharpen your subtle perception and learn to move the sexual energies in your body.


Be wild. Be free. Be brave. Be worth it.



You are always encouraged to stick to your own pace.

It's not a masturbation class. Most exercises are accompanied.

Nevertheless, it will be very intense & profound.

The space is safe, clear, sensitive to trauma.



* Feel nourished, secure and naturally sensual

* Let yourself go during the act of love, switch off and just enjoy being yourself

* Feel really comfortable in your body, regardless of your appearance

* Strengthen your subtle perception and feel more

* Opening up emotionally & physically

* Be playful and erotic with ease

* Clearly perceive and communicate your limits

* Heal traumatic attacks

* Learn how to have deep, long, nourishing orgasms without sacrificing precious energy

* Learn how to consciously deal with your sexual energies

* Integrate your sexual energies into your life

* Shed the armor of self-denial and exchange it for a loving, sensual cloak

* "fall" from thinking to feeling


* Return to the body from the head




5 VERY intensive & beautiful days.

PRICE: 1300 euros

LOCATION: Switzerland (exact location will be announced soon)

DATE: An appointment for the month of June 2022 is being planned. Please check back soon to find out the exact date.

NUMBER OF PLACES: 6 (reservation possible)




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